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Ballet for Dummies

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Mitwirkende Scott Speck, Evelyn Cisneros . - Genre Musik, Film & Theater, Sachbücher . - Medium Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
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Ballet for Dummies

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Scott Speck has conducted the San Francisco Ballet in hundreds of performances at San Francisco Opera House and Washington's Kennedy Center. Evelyn Cisneros is Ballet Education Coordinator for the San Francisco Ballet Center for Dance Education.


'Cuts through the thicket of ballet terminology and practice to reveal the fun.' -Virginia Johnson, Editor in Chief, Pointe magazine & former Dance Theatre of Harlem Principal Professional dancers demonstrate correct form in over 100 photos Build poise, balance, and grace - and leap into the world of dance Don't know your plié from your relevé? This guide shows you the fun and easy way to practice ballet, from basic and intermediate positions to barre exercises, steps, jumps, and turns. Step-by-step instructions explain how to warm up, choose the proper equipment, and incorporate ballet into your exercise routine - no matter your age or fitness level. The Dummies Way Explanations in plain English 'Get in, get out' information Icons and other navigational aids Tear-out cheat sheet Top ten lists A dash of humor and fun


Introduction.Part I: Ballet Dancing from the Top.Chapter 1: Curtain Up! Welcome to the Ballet.Chapter 2: Stocking the Tools of the Trade.Chapter 3: Getting Toasty: Warming Up Your Body.Chapter 4: Leaping into Ballet Basics.Chapter 5: Music, Maestro!Part II: Belly Up to the Barre.Chapter 6: Basic Barre-Tending.Chapter 7: Stepping It Up at the Barre.Chapter 8: Getting a Leg Up.Part III: Center Floor, Anyone?Chapter 9: Getting to Center Floor.Chapter 10: Ballet's Tasmanian Devil: The Pirouette.Chapter 11: Linking It Together: The Steps Between the Steps.Chapter 12: Ground Control to Ballet Dancer.Chapter 13: Getting More Air Time.Part IV: Living the Ballet Life.Chapter 14: Partners Aren't Just for Square Dancing.Chapter 15: Exploring Choreography.Chapter 16: What the Heck Are They Saying? The Art of Ballet Mime.Chapter 17: Watching Ballet in Action.Part V: The Part of Tens.Chapter 18: The Ten Most Commonly Used Ballet Steps.Chapter 19: Ten Best-Loved Classical Ballets.Chapter 20: Ten Great "Contemporary" Ballets.Chapter 21: The Ten Best Ballet Terms for Cocktail Parties.Chapter 22: Ten Fascinating Facts about Professional Ballet Dancers.Glossary.Index.


Ballet for Dummies

ISBN 978-0-7645-2568-1
Verlag Wiley
Mitwirkende Author: Scott Speck
Author: Evelyn Cisneros
Genre Musik, Film & Theater, Sachbücher
Medium Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Seiten 384
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