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Dream House

Artikel Nr. 951100488560
Mitwirkende Marzia Bisognin . - Genre Kinder- & Jugendbücher . - Medium Fester Einband
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Dream House

Informationen zum Autor
With over 5.6 million subscribers on YouTube, Marzia Bisognin has quickly made a name for herself under her "CutiePieMarzia" moniker thanks to her down to earth videos featuring fashion and beauty tips, monthly hauls, and DIY tutorials. She currently resides in the UK with her fiancé and their dogs. Dream House is her debut novel.


A debut YA thriller about a girl whose dream house becomes a nightmare, from YouTube sensation Marzia Bisognin, aka CutiePieMarzia, whose channel has over 5.73 million subscribers.

From YouTube sensation Marzia “CutiePieMarzia” Bisognin comes a debut young adult paranormal thriller about a girl whose dream house quickly becomes a nightmare.

When Amethyst comes across her perfect dream house, she can’t help but be enchanted by it, even if there’s something a little...off about the place. It’s everything she’s ever wanted in a home, so when the Blooms invite her to stay the night to avoid the impending storm, she instantly accepts.

Yet when she awakes the next morning, alone and unable to bring herself to leave, Amethyst comes face-to-face with unexpected twists and turns—like Alfred, the creepy gardener; Avery, the handsome but secretive neighbor; and a little girl who keeps appearing and vanishing within the house.

As Amethyst searches for the Blooms and tries to unravel the truth, her connection to the house only grows stronger. Will she be able to break free of the house’s allure, or will its secrets keep her trapped forever?

Dream House

ISBN 1501135260
Untertitel A Novel by Cutiepiemarzia
Verlag Simon + Schuster UK
Mitwirkende Author: Marzia Bisognin
Genre Kinder- & Jugendbücher
Medium Fester Einband
Seiten 224
Sprache en
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