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Feeding Hannibal

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Mitwirkende Janice Poon . - Genre Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst & Musik, Kunst . - Medium Fester Einband
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Feeding Hannibal

“This self-penned cook book is a real deal trip. Get it for the budding chef in your life or the "Fannibal" with a sick sense of humor.” - Coming Soon gift guide

“Even if your cooking skills are stuck at reading the box to find out how long the food should be microwaved, the book is also full of behind-the-scenes photos and anecdotes from the show!” - Drunk Mall

“These creations from Toronto-based food stylist Janice Poon sound seriously tasty, and the accompanying text and photos are a droll delight.” - The Film Stage gift guide

“The show’s food stylist Janice Poon makes everything accessible and practical, so you really only have one decision to make: red or white wine?” - Indiewire gift guide

“ideal for any Hannibal fan who enjoys fine dining”- Gentleman’s Gazette gift guide 

“Now, with this cookbook, you can bring some of Dr. Lecter's more stunning dishes to life, albeit with a lot less human flesh.” - Joblo gift guide 

“Not just your typical Martha Stewart cookbook...Whether your a fan of Hannibal, “wannabe” cook, aspiring chef or food snob, Feeding Hannibal: A Connoisseur’s Cookbook by Janice Poon is worthy to own on your library shelf or kitchen table.” - Retrenders

“Provides great insights not just into the show, but how to make yourself look and feel like a professional chef." - Fangirl Nation 

“A deadly delight” - Nerdist

“If you were a fan of NBC’s “Hannibal,” you may recognize the name Janice Poon as she was the show’s incredible food stylist.  Now she has a new book...which of course landed on our “Best Books of the Halloween Season” list.” - Dread Central

“Feeding Hannibal is a terribly fun cookbook... Poon's approach is pragmatic and crowd-pleasing. It's doable, and that's the most exciting thing about Feeding Hannibal.” - Birth. Movies. Death

“Fans of the series have long marveled at how delicious the dishes featured in Hannibal appeared. Heck, even I’d been willing to nibble on some of those mouthwatering vittles! Well now we can with Feeding Hannibal: A Connoisseur’s Cookbook” - Horrorfreak

“From the protein scramble Hannibal gives Will when he shows up at his home, to a hunk of Eddie Izzards’ leg, Feeding Hannibal leaves no stone unturned as it gives readers the chance to recreate any and all meals they may have seen on the show." - Nerdophiles

“Each recipe isn’t just instructions, but ways in which the dish was used or featured in the TV show. That makes each meal richer and more interesting." - Adventures in Poor Taste

"would make any serious gourmand mad with envy" -- Fangoria

“Cheekily written...a great looking cookbook with fantastic food photography and plenty of fine dining recipes” - Entertainment Buddha

“An incredible book" - Fangirl Nation 

 “A damn fine coffee table book with which to freak out the in-laws” - Pajiba

“Feeding Hannibal is a must for every kitchen or coffee table” -  Coming Soon

“Sure to enhance any Halloween supper party” - Inside The Magic

"From start to finish, Feeding Hannibal is darkly beautiful, charming, and inspiring" - Project Fandom

“From start to finish it’s just a fantastic book” - Pixelated Geek

"It was an extremely interesting read and even if you never cook anything from it, it is still a worthy purchase for Fannibals" - Cinema Sentries

"Simply incredible .... If you’re a fan of Hannibal, then I would definitely say this book is...

Feeding Hannibal

ISBN 1783297662
Untertitel A Connoisseur's Cookbook
Verlag Titan Publ. Group Ltd.
Mitwirkende Author: Janice Poon
Genre Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst & Musik, Kunst
Medium Fester Einband
Seiten 238
Sprache en
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