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Good Christian Sex

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Mitwirkende Bromleigh McCleneghan . - Genre Philosophie & Religion, Sachbücher . - Medium Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
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Good Christian Sex

“Refreshing. In a very healthy and beautiful way, McCleneghan views sex as an extension of God’s grace, an expression of living the Christian life…Good Christian Sex is a good read - and an important one, too. McCleneghan’s voice is an important weight to balance out the noise.”

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BROMLEIGH McCLENEGHAN is associate pastor at Union Church of Hinsdale in suburban Chicago. She is coauthor with Lee Hull Moses of Hopes and Fears: Everyday Theology for New Parents and Other Tired, Anxious People and her essays and articles have been published in The Christian Century, Ministry Matters, Fidelia’s Sisters, Circuit Rider, and Criterion.


Sex for all Christians that is powerful, even holy.

We need to change how Christians talk about sex, says pastor Bromleigh McCleneghan. Instead of landing on extremes such as “Sex outside marriage is always a sin” or “God is uninterested in your sex life,” McCleneghan explores the Bible in conversation with the wisdom of theologians, ethicists, and psychologists to find a better way for Christians to understand and practice their sexuality in light of their deep faith.


Moving beyond the deep-seated cultural feelings of shame that have long fueled the conflict between Christianity and sex—and the belief that there is only one right and valid way to practice one’s sexuality—this renowned University of Chicago pastor uses enlightening personal stories and examples from theology to show how sex is powerful and holy.

For years, Christians have been told to adhere to one singular path when it comes to sex: abstinence and purity. Yet this limited focus ignores the reality that people’s sexual and romantic lives differ widely, even among those who consider themselves devout believers. Church leaders have often refused to address the topic—or have preached in ways that are harmful to the emotional and spiritual growth of the faithful in the pews.

Pastor McCleneghan is determined to reshape the issue—and fundamentally transcend this disconnect between sexuality and spirituality that has left many Christians feeling guilty and sinful. Written in her measured, non-judgmental voice, Good Christian Sex combines humorous personal anecdotes with theological research to transform how Christians think and talk about this basic human need, offering a new understanding that reconciles human love and religious faith.

Breaking with outdated conventions, McCleneghan explains how the Bible and Christian tradition inform our beliefs about desire, pleasure, nudity, fidelity, premarital sex, and the variety of sexual practices, and encourages Christians to talk about their bodies, their sensuality, and their longings in a frank, positive, and realistic way. Warm, insightful, and honest, Good Christian Sex is a message of hope, that at last lifts the veil of shame felt by many religious people.


Good Christian Sex

ISBN 978-0-06-242859-2
Untertitel Why Chastity Isn't the Only Option-And Other Things the Bible Says About Sex
Verlag Harper Collins (US)
Mitwirkende Author: Bromleigh McCleneghan
Genre Philosophie & Religion, Sachbücher
Medium Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Seiten 256
Sprache en
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