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Hybrid Retrosynthesis

Artikel Nr. 951100538889
Mitwirkende Smith, Michael B., D'Angelo, John . - Genre Chemie, Naturwissenschaften & Medizin . - Medium Fachbuch
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Hybrid Retrosynthesis

Organic Synthesis and Retrosynthesis: An Applied Approach provides readers with the essential skills they need for both organic synthesis and retrosynthesis, encouraging their practice in real-life problems included within the text.

It is designed to supplement existing organic textbooks, not only providing a refresher on organic chemistry, but also taking the subject one-step further by including practical applied examples to try in Reaxys (www.reaxys.com).

In addition, the text provides new, applied skills and tools to help users during organic synthesis courses, and is also useful for those setting tutorial and group problems.

Ideal revision and hands on learning guide for organic synthesis
Clearly explains the principles and practice of retrosynthesis which is often not covered in other books
Enables the practice of synthetic knowledge with the use of real-life examples
Contains a free version of Reaxys (www.reaxys.com) to enhance key concepts

Hybrid Retrosynthesis

ISBN 978-0-12-411498-2
Untertitel Organic Synthesis using Reaxys and SciFinder
Verlag Elsevier Books
Mitwirkende Author: Smith, Michael B.
Author: D'Angelo, John
Genre Chemie, Naturwissenschaften & Medizin
Medium Fachbuch
Seiten 146
Sprache en
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