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Real World Functional Programming

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Real World Functional Programming


A crisp introduction to functional programming for .NET developers—with

examples in C# and F#.


Functional programming languages like F#, Erlang, and Scala are attracting

attention as an efficient way to handle the new requirements for programming

multi-processor and high-availability applications. Microsoft’s new F# is a true

functional language and C# uses functional language features for LINQ and

other recent advances.

Real World Functional Programming is a unique tutorial that explores the

functional programming model through the F# and C# languages. The clearly

presented ideas and examples teach readers how functional programming differs

from other approaches. It explains how ideas look in F#—a functional

language—as well as how they can be successfully used to solve programming

problems in C#. Readers build on what they know about .NET and learn where

a functional approach makes the most sense and how to apply it effectively in

those cases.

The reader should have a good working knowledge of C#. No prior exposure to

F# or functional programming is required.


• Crystal-clear presentation of core functional programming concepts and

how to apply them with examples in both F# and C#

• How to write efficient functional code for .NET in F#

• Identifies tasks that benefit from a functional programming approach


Developers worldwide are adopting functional programming as the answer to

developing for systems that require lots of mission-critical programs to run at the

same time. From telecom switches to high-availability enterprise applications, to

applications designed to run on multi-core processors, functional programming

has many immediate uses. Microsoft’s F# language has created demand for good,

non-academic books on this important topic.


Real World Functional Programming

ISBN 1933988924
Untertitel With Examples in F# and C
Verlag Manning
Mitwirkende Author: Tomas Petricek
Genre Programmiersprachen, IT & Informatik
Medium Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Seiten 529
Sprache en
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