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The Mythical Man-Month

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Mitwirkende Brooks, Frederick P. . - Genre Informatik, IT & Informatik . - Medium Fachbuch
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The Mythical Man-Month

 1. The Tar Pit.

 2. The Mythical Man-Month.

 3. The Surgical Team.

 4. Aristocracy, Democracy, and System Design.

 5. The Second-System Effect.

 6. Passing the Word.

 7. Why Did the Tower of Babel Fail?

 8. Calling the Shot.

 9. Ten Pounds in a Five-Pound Sack.

10. The Documentary Hypothesis.

11. Plan to Throw One Away.

12. Sharp Tools.

13. The Whole and the Parts.

14. Hatching a Castrophe.

15. The Other Face.

16. No Silver Bullet -- Essence and Accident.

17. "No Silver Bullet" ReFired.

18. Propositions of The Mythical Man-Month: True or False?

19. The Mythical Man-Month After 20 Years.


Notes and references.

Index. 0201835959T04062001

The Mythical Man-Month

ISBN 978-0-201-83595-3
Untertitel Essays on Software Engineering
Verlag Addison-Wesley Longman, Amsterdam
Mitwirkende Author: Brooks, Frederick P.
Genre Informatik, IT & Informatik
Medium Fachbuch
Seiten 322
Edition Repr.
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