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Smart-me Multi-Purpose Device

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Smart-me Multi-Purpose Device

Smart-me – Multi-Purpose Device
Energy- and Power Meter, Temperature Meter, Remote Switch, Time Switch and Smart Plug.

Smart-me is an high accuracy energy and power meter, a temperature meter , a remote switch, a time switch and
a smart plug all in one device. It’s connected to your Wi-Fi network and you can control and monitor smart-me
from anywhere with your smart-phone, your tablet or your computer
? Energy- and Power measurement with highest Accuracy
? Access from anywhere with your smart-phone, tablet or computer
? Remote- and Time switch
? Temperature measurement
? Measurement Values in Real Time
? Smart Events and Actions
? Email Alarm
? Multiple Diagrams and Report
? Easy Installation
? Usable for measuring low Power (Standby usage)
? Low own consumption
? No additional costs

Energy Monitor
Smart-me is a high quality (class 1) energy and power meter. In addition to power, the device measures energy,
current, voltage and power factor. As the device can also measure very low power consumption, it is ideal to
monitor standby consumption. You can use smart-me to monitor your energy production, for example from Solar
or Wind Power Systems. Smart-me measures the energy in both directions (import and export) so you can also
use it to monitor and analyse energy production. For optimal accuracy every device is calibrated at production.
We guarantee an accuracy of 1% over the whole measurement range.

Temperature Meter
Smart-me is also a temperature meter. You can monitor the temperature from anywhere.

Remote Switch
Smart-me is also a remote switch. You can switch on or off the power remotely, using either your smart-phone or
from the web.

Time Switch
Smart-me is also a time switch. On your smart-phone you can configure when smart-me should switch the power
on or off.

Events and Actions
You can define Actions for some Events on your smart-me device.
E.g. When Temperature is lower than 15°C, then switch power on
Available Events: Temperature lower / higher than, Power lower / higher than, Key
pressed, Time

Available Actions: Power on / off, Power on / of on other smart-me Device, Alarm
(Email), Alarm (Push Notification)

Easy Installation
The smart-me device is connected to your Wi-Fi Network at home and communicates
with the smart-me Cloud Servers. With your smart-phone, or a simple web browser,
you have access from anywhere to your smart-me device. The one Time Installation of
the smart-me device is very easy and is done with you smart-phone or tablet.

Security & Privacy
The security of your data is important to us. As such, every connection is encrypted and your data is
stored anonymously on our servers. Of course, we will never sell your data to advertisers or other third

Diagrams and reports
On the smart-me web you can create various diagrams and reports of your energy data, which can be exported in
several formats (pdf, excel, etc.)

Free smart-me Cloud
The using of the smart-me Apps and the smart-me Cloud is and stays free.

Smart-me Multi-Purpose Device

Type de produit Multi-Purpose Device
Couleur blanc
M-garantie 2 ans
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Mon évaluation
Soraya Cristina
5 De Melanie, 16 févr. 2016
Geniales Produkt

Bin sehr beeindruckt von diesem genialen Produkt. Einfach aufgebaut und leicht zu installieren. Gerät läuft störungsfrei. Würde das Produkt sofort wiederkaufen.

5 De Stefan, 13 août 2015
Standby Verbrauch im Wohnzimmer massiv reduziert

Der Smart-Plug hat mir den Standby-Verbrauch der angeschlossenen Geräte visualisiert (40 Watt). Richtig konfiguriert, reduziere die Kosten um -50.00 SFr.