ROCCAT Syva High Performance In-Ear Headset 3.5mm jack

Syva High Performance In-Ear Headset 3.5mm jack ROCCAT 785300123460 Photo no. 1
  • Type de produit: Headsets / Microphone
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The Syva is streamlined, discrete and low in weight. With high quality 10mm speaker units in each ear bud, it delivers top class audio with deep bass and crisp trebles. Comfortable for extended periods of time, the easy-to-wear Syva is perfect for gamers, smartphone- and notebook-user and music listener. Interchangeable ergonomic ear tips in 3 sizes ensure a fit that matches your ear perfectly. The Syva’s omni-directional mic is integrated into the tangle-resistant ROCCAT™-colored ribbon cable.
Numéro d’article
2 ans
3.5mm jack
black / blue
Type de produit
Headsets / Microphone