Kaspersky Small Office Security (5 Devices) [PC] D/F/I

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Small Office Security (5 Devices) [PC] D/F/I Fisico (Box) Kaspersky 785300121541 N. figura 1
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  • Numero di licenza: 5
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Protezione durante le attività lavorative Kaspersky Small Office Security è pensato per le aziende con 5-25 computer, alcuni server e dispositivi mobili. La soluzione è preconfigurata e facile da gestire con una console in cloud. I nostri efficienti strumenti di protezione non richiedono competenze IT e consentono il monitoraggio da qualsiasi dispositivo connesso. EASY DOES IT Kaspersky Small Office Security is so easy to use, anyone can do it. You get out-ofbox simplicity with extended functionality and control. Our web-based console means you can manage and monitor security from anywhere you choose including outsourcing to external specialist. STAY SAFE ON THE MOVE Protect Android smartphones and tablets with our mobile security and management technologies. Lock, wipe and locate missing devices use secure 'containers' to protect sensitive information on employee-owned devices. Filter out spam and time-wasting junk calls while you're at it. MIND YOUR MONEY Prevent financial fraud and secure online banking. The award-winning Safe Money protects online banking transactions while virtual and secure keyboards prevent keyloggers from stealing your details. SECURE WEB AND EMAIL ACTIVITY Stop spyware, phishing and malicious Internet links from hijacking your business. Secure email and web activity against hidden exploits and a malware. PROTECT SENSITIVE DATA AND SAY NO TO CRYPTOLOCKERS Secure sensitive data and protect your business from data breaches, fines and lost business with Backup and Encryption. Anti-cryptor capabilities stop crypto lockers and ransomware in their tracks. Attempts at malicious encryption trigger automatic backup and restore. PROTECT YOUR PASSWORDS Securely generate, store and synch passwords for easy access from PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices. All you have to do is remember one. FEEL THE SPEED Optimized software performance and PC resource consumption give you more efficient traffic flow, faster web loading times and optimized deployments, updates and start-up time. HIT THE GROUND RUNNING Before you even launch it, Kaspersky Small Office Security can control application activity on your network, in line with your firewall settings. MOST TESTED, MOST AWARDED SECURITY No other vendor can match Kaspersky Lab's success record in independent tests. In 2015 Kaspersky Lab products participated in 94 independent tests and reviews. Our products were awarded 60 first and 77 top-three finishes. PROTECTION ACROSS PLATFORMS Kaspersky Small Office Security protects: Windows PCs, laptops and Servers; Mac laptops and desktops; Android smartphones and tablets. Password management is available for Android and iOS devices. Kaspersky Small Office Security 5 include le seguenti applicazioni: - Kaspersky Small Office Security 5 for PC - Kaspersky Small Office Security 5 for File Server - Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac - Kaspersky Internet Security for Android - Kaspersky Password Manager
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