Switch - One Piece: Ultimate World Red - Deluxe Editon

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Switch - One Piece: Ultimate World Red - Deluxe Editon Fisico (Box) 785300129344 N. figura 1
  • Piattaforma: Nintendo Switch
  • Lingua: Italiano
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After 1 million copies sold worldwide with the original title, this summer - August 25th - the Straw Hat Pirates will dock on PS4 and PC with a brand new revamped version of the game, and for the first time ever on Nintendo Switch in September. The game comes with several new features from technical and content side.

Explore the Grand Blue as never you've never seen it before. One Piece Unlimited World - Red Deluxe Edition will support up to 4K on PC & PS4 Pro, Full HD on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Players can rely up to 60 fps on all three platforms in order to allow for a powerful and enjoyable experience. All games modes will be available for PS4 Pro, PS4 and Nintendo Switch in 2-player Co-Op!

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Nintendo Switch
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